Who Are We?

We are S. A L T. of course.

S. A L T. is an abbreviation and mesh of two words: Sewn + Alternatively.


We, the people behind S. A L T., sprouted from our enthusiasm to be all-encompassing hippie, earth loving freaks. 

S. A L T. was born amongst a quest to learn about a waste-free lifestyle, the environmental benefits of consuming a plant-based diet, and the fashion system's production of waste.

Each member of S. A L T. is not entirely vegan nor waste-free, yet we wanted to create a space to challenge and educate ourselves about the ethos behind the two lifestyles - a red thread on saving the environment - and make it into a brand.


What Are We Doing?

As of now, S. A L T. aims to bring awareness to the environmental impacts the fashion industry {from farm to factory to wardrobe and the afterlife of a garment} has on Mother Earth.

We educate ourselves and share our findings with anyone who aspires to learn with us; from new technologies within the fashion industry to organic farming, to second-hand shopping and upcycling, to brands who are like-minded to our mission and passionate about saving the Earth.


Why the Name?

Learn about the name HERE.


Our goal here at S. A L T. is to share our enthusiasm for the environment and Mother Earth. We love our planet and we hope you love her, too. We believe our part is in helping bring awareness to how every one of us, as consumers of fashion,  can make conscious decisions on where and from whom to purchase clothes. Further, we want to join in on the conversation and spread the word about how to change the fashion, garment, and textile industry's current production of waste.


Mission Statement:

The mission of S. A L T. is to educate ourselves and our peers on the environmental crisis in the hopes to reverse the social and environmental damage produced by the fashion industry. To inspire ourselves and our peers to create, innovate and design environmentally-friendly, vegan, ethically-made {in all definitions} garments. To find solutions to the waste produced by consumers and makers, alike.


To contribute contact: sewnalternatively@gmail.com